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Out of Barcelona, The Beats of Burden are a 2 man band mixing piano, guitar and rock loops. Strongly influenced by the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and 70’s soundtracks, the band is bringing a fresh pop rock to the city.

Manuel, the lead singer and Baptiste the guitarist always used to jam in their friend’s living room until they finally decided to bring their sound on stage. After performing mainly covers in little bars in town, the duo quickly moved on to writing and performing their own songs and aim to reach a bigger audience. The BoB use their creativity to compose songs that makes the audience sing along and clap even for new listeners. 

The use of vibrant loops and multiple instruments such as ukulele or kazoo always adds surprise to the performance. While some will be touched by the lyrics, always written in Manu’s tiny room at his home, others will definitely appreciate the sounds of the complementary duo and their non-stop energy on stage. 

The Beats of Burden have been playing for the past year multiple dates in local bars and private events. Their first album “Ecstasy” will be available on all streaming platforms in early 2020 and they are now looking forward to their future tour through different cities of Europe.

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Meet the Band


Piano, guitar, ukulele and lead vocals.

24 years of age, grown up in Rottenburg a. N., Germany with family connections to Spain.

At an early age he was influenced by the music of the Stones, the Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp and many others.

Coming from a musical family he discovered his passion for the piano at the age of 6. At the age of 15 he started singing and began covering the songs of the artists he always admired. After several small band projects in Germany he moved to Barcelona at the age of 20 where he later got to know Baptiste.

Most of the melodies and lyrics of the Burdens` songs are his creation. Defined by a rocky, however a somehow melodic approach, most of the songs are quite personal and tell a story which speaks to the heart.


Guitar, ukulele and “master of the loop”

30 years of age, grown up in Nantes, France.

His attention was drawn to the guitar at a young age, mostly through the guitar-playing of his father.

Very soon he picked one up himself and didn’t leave it again ever since.

Influenced by rock, pop and folk artists he developed a unique approach of playing which gives a clear shape to many of the Burdens` songs.

He has got a great talent for simple but very catchy riffs sticking right to the brain. He complements the melodic inputs from Manu perfectly using his ability to feel himself into a song and his great sense for detail.


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